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Halloween 2018


When is Halloween 2018?

Halloween 2018: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What is Halloween?

Whenever one mentions October, Halloween immediately comes to mind. The Halloween culture, which ranges from decorations and costumes to movies and storytelling, strongly define this month. However, the meaning of the holiday and how the world celebrates it is a bit skewed.

Halloween is a shorter name for All Hallows Eve, which is the holiday’s original name. It is a celebration of the eve of Allhallowtide or All Saints day. This is Christian a holiday to remember the deceased faithful Christians. It is a celebration to honor martyrs and saints. Therefore, Halloween was originally a church celebration. Some believed that the spirits of the deceased would roam around on that day.

Modern Halloween celebrations borrow a lot from European harvest festivals. The holiday’s meaning, and the way the world celebrates it is completely different. Today it is all about scary costumes, stories of ghosts, and horror movies. Below are some of the ways people celebrate the holiday in the USA:

Scary decorations. Skeletons, ghosts, decapitated bodies, and anything else that can send a thrill down your spine, are the go-to decorations.

Pumpkins. This was largely borrowed from harvest culture. During Halloween, most foods are pumpkin flavored. At the same time pumpkins are used for decorations especially for front yards.

Trick or treating. This is why it is the favorite holiday for almost all children. They get to go from door to door, receiving all kinds of candy as treats.

Halloween parties. These are themed costume parties, often held on the weekend prior to or after Halloween. – Scary stories and movies. Part of the tradition of Halloween is telling scary stories to children. Equally, the theaters and TV shows are filled with scary content on these weeks.

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