Blank December 2019 Calendar Printable

Have you been searching the internet for beautiful and amazing December 2019 Calendar templates in PDF and JPG? Your search might have just ended here because we have the most amazing and good looking December Calendar templates for you.

December 2019 Calendar
December 2019 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

Blank December 2019 Calendar Printable

We design our free printable December 2019 Calendars specifically for the people living in the USA. They will notify you about every upcoming holiday and festival in the USA. Therefore, you will be able to plan your holidays way before everyone else.

We have a large library of December 2019 calendar templates on our website. Hence, there is no chance that you will not be able to find your favorite type of calendar template. We have the most beautiful looking calendar templates that will brighten up the place you use them at.

Blank December 2019 Calendar
Blank December 2019 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

Additionally, all of our wonderful calendar templates are free to download. You can basically download as many calendars as you want and never have to pay anything. Therefore, start browsing your favorite December 2019 calendar printable templates now.

We also have special calendars for the people who like to make notes or say reminders on their calendars. There is always something for everyone on our website. You can certainly rely on us for all your printable calendars needs.

December 2019 Calendar Printable
December 2019 Calendar Printable

Download PDF Format Calendar

The Month of December in United States

December is 12th and last month of calendar. It has 31 days. It comes after November and the next month after December is January i.e. first month of next year. Until 153 BCE, December was the 10th month of year in Roman calendar. Later it became the 12th month and has been so till today in both Julian and Gregorian calendar.

Origin of the name December came from the Latin word Decem which in English means ten. It was because December was the 10th month of year at that time. December in Middle English is Decembre while in Old English, it is Geol Monap which means month before Yule.

December 2019 Calendar Template
December 2019 Calendar Template

Download PDF Format Calendar

Originally, December had 30 days. But around 700 BCE, when January and February became the first two months of calendar, length of December shortened to 29 days. Later, during Julian Calendar reform, December length extended from 29 days to 31 days.

June and December are each other’s seasonal equivalent in opposite hemispheres. December also marks the start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Birthflower of December is Euphorbia Pulcherrima or Holly while its birthstone is zircon or blue turquoise.

Christmas Eve in the United States

When Is Christmas Eve 2019?
Christmas Eve 2019: Tue, 24 Dec 2019

Christmas Eve celebrations occur a day before Christmas day, i.e. on 24 December every year. It is an off day in only a few areas of the USA while in other areas it is a normal working day and all schools, government organizations and businesses run like a normal day. In some areas, it is also a partial day off.

Many schools and workplaces celebrate Christmas parties because then it will be a holiday on Christmas day. Customer demands touch the peak on this day in the catering and retail section because everyone prepares for Christmas.

People decorate their houses with Christmas related stuff where the Christmas tree remains the center of attention. In the night, children go to sleep hoping that Santa will come and give them beautiful presents.

Public transportation runs normally throughout the day but there can be reduced service in the evening time. Many people travel to their family on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas day with them the very next day. Therefore there is a little more rush than usual on the roads and hence transportation fails to work properly.

Christmas Eve also marks the beginning of the holiday season in the USA. On Christmas Eve, Christians remember the events that happened around Jesus’ birth. Churches stay busy because of the special services on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day in the United States

When Is Christmas Day 2019?
Christmas Day 2019: Wed, 25 Dec 2019

Christmas Day comes on 25 December every year. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on this day. It is a public holiday throughout America and all the schools, businesses and government organizations stay closed.

People celebrate Christmas Day in a number of different ways. Many people decorate their home and organize special meals. While many visit their friends or family members to enjoy the festival together. Gifts play a special role in the Christmas celebration of children. Children receive a lot of gifts from their parents and elders on this day. In fact, parents spend a large part of their Christmas expenditure on gifts.

Roads are congested on Christmas Day because Christians visit their families who are out of town. Therefore, public transportation doesn’t work properly and is mostly late on 25 December. Special services go on in the Churches and Christians come in masses to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.

Many people wear Santa Claus’ dress and interact with kids by giving them free candies and gifts. It is the biggest festival of the year for Christians living in the USA. All the houses are decorated and people feel joyous on this occasion. Last year, it was on Tuesday while this year, it is on Wednesday.

New Year’s Eve in the United States

When Is New Year’s Eve 2019?
New Year’s Eve 2019: Tue, 31 Dec 2019

New Year’s Eve celebrations occur on 31st December every year. It is particularly an evening festival. It is also the last day of the year. People celebrate it with special parties, especially in the evening time.

New Year’s Eve is a public holiday in only a few parts of America. It is maybe because of the fact that it is an evening festival so everyone can work in the daytime and celebrate in the evening. A ball drop event happens on New Year’s Eve every year in New York. A ball is dropped from a pole just one minute before the New Year and it touches the bottom of the pole right at midnight. It is a very famous event now and TV telecasts it all over America and the globe.

Most of the services are available only before evening on 31st December. You should finish all your market work early on this day. The transportation system is unable to run smoothly on this day because many people travel to their homes from different towns/cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their friends and family.

People particularly celebrate New Year’s Eve to welcome the new year which starts from the next day. These celebrations begin to appear in the 1900s in the US. While Ball Drop event started in 1907 in Times Square.

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