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Columbus Day 2018


When is columbus day 2018?

Columbus Day 2018: Monday, October 8, 2018

What is columbus day?

The second Monday of every October is Columbus Day. The USA and other American countries celebrate this holiday. The holiday celebrates the landing of Christopher Columbus on the shores of America. This year, it lands on the 8th of October.

The holiday is a historic celebration of the discovery of the New World. The holiday credits Christopher Columbus for discovering the New World. Driven by a spirit of adventure, he sailed west hoping to land in the East Indies. He ended up on the shores of America. This accidental discovery gave way to the establishment of European colonies in America. Ultimately it led to the birth of the United States.

However, there is some controversy about this holiday. Several people believe the discovery of America by Europeans was a demise of its own. Yes, it led to the creation of a great civilization, but at the expense of the natives’ lives, and culture. People holding such views are against the celebration of Columbus Day. They view Columbus as a villain, and not a hero, in the sad history of Native Americans.

Most people observe by holding of large public events and parades. The most notable Columbus day parades are those held in New York and San Francisco. These are often spectacles that even attract tourists from neighboring states. A few people celebrate the day by holding special church services. Others do not observe this holiday.

Some states do not recognize the holiday, while some hold other celebrations in its place. Vermont celebrates Indigenous People Day on this day. South Dakota celebrates Native Americans Day on the same day. These holidays celebrate the history of native Americans in protest against Columbus Day.

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Columbus Day

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